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Novozhilov Thomas Fredricksen Jane E. James Douglas Layton. He clearly explains the physiological mechanism that leads to inflammation and pain and includes an in-depth section on pain-management strategies useful for anyone who is experiencing this discomfort, whether temporary or chronic.

Coxor cyclooxygenaseis the key enzyme responsible for the body's inflammation and pain response in conditions such as arthritis and bursitis, and it is also linked to the inflammation that may play a significant role in the progression of Alzheimer's and cancer. The Cox-2 Connection, however, goes further than other pain management books by dealing with not only the synthetic, anti-inflammatory Cox-2 inhibitors, such as Celebrex and Vioxx, but also with their natural counterparts that have been used for thousands of years by people all over the world.

The author thoughtfully evaluates the effectiveness of these inhibitors as well as their side effects and presents exciting new studies that indicate their possible role in preventing Alzheimer's and cancer. The Cox-2 Connection is an essential and timely reference for anyone trying to understand and manage inflammation and pain and make sense of the exploding availability and potential of ways to deal with them. Seller Inventory ADB The orthomolecular concept is a simple one, using optimal nutrition to combat, heal and prevent physical and mental illness.

Orthomolecular nutrition is based on diets and food supplements of essential vitamins and minerals specifically selected to solve individual problems and needs. Its overall aim is promoting optimal health and longevity for everyone. In this expanded, updated and revised edition, the author discusses orthomolecular medicine and treatment with case histories.

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It explains the functions of major nutrients, summarizes new research and lays out a comprehensive anti-stress supplement program - to show the way to a longer, healthier life. This title deals with how to combat heart disease, mitral valve prolapse, cancer, and much more by supplementing a little-known vitamin-like substance produced by your body. Seller Inventory AAC Almost 75 percent of health and longevity is based on lifestyle, environment, and nutrition.

Yet even if you follow a healthful diet, you probably don't get all the nutrients you need to prevent disease. Pamela Smith explains how you can maintain health through the use of nutrients. Part One of this easy-to-use guide discusses the individual nutrients necessary for good health. Part Two offers personalized nutritional programs for people with a wide variety of health concerns.

People without prior medical problems can look to Part Three for their supplementation plans. Book Description: Consumerlab. Com, They must be synchronized, not too many or too few, to see you through your journey.

Vitamins For Dummies shows you how to have green lights all the way. Bortz, M. Features supplement programs for nearly symptoms and diseases Confused about vitamins? Mystified by minerals? Cant tell the difference between ginkgo and ginseng? In this straight-talking guide, two experts cut through the confusion. They clearly explain what each vitamin, mineral, and supplement does and guide you to the ones that help you live longer and stronger. Discover how to: Create a personalized supplement program Understand the fine print on the labels Combat or prevent specific ailments Enhance memory, mood, and energy Slow the aging process Get smart!

Register to win cool prizes Browse exclusive articles and excerpts Get a free Dummies Daily e-mail newsletter Chat with authors and preview other books Talk to us, ask questions, get answers. Seller Inventory AAH This book presents the scientific basis for the function of nutrients as the body's first line of defense against disease, firmly launching nutritional therapy into the mainstream of medical legitimacy.

With his trademark gift for making complex ideas accessible, Dr. Atkins shows how vita-nutrients, which include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, and hormones, are the treatment of choice for most of the chronic illnesses that plague us today. In some cases, he asserts, they can even supersede the drugs and invasive procedures that are so commonly and casually prescribed. In this book, Dr. Atkins presents a comprehensive guide to more than a hundred supplements that, because they address the true causes of disease instead of temporarily alleviating symptoms, promote longer-lasting, more effective healing.

You'll learn the specific restorative powers of each nutrient; how to determine the optimal dosage schedule; how to obtain nutrients that are new to the market or in limited supply; and how to determine which supplements are of the best quality and which manufacturers are reputable. Atkins encourages you to use this vital information by creating a personalized program to help you regain or improve your health.

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Welcome to the world of natural beauty. In your hands you have a volume of natural secrets. In the relaxed, peaceful setting of your own kitchen, you will find ingredients and methods that can enhance and maintain your skin's inherent beauty. Each ingredient indicated is one that contains natural essential vitamins and minerals and is chosen for its ability to preserve and improve your skin's condition. These very same ingredients are easily found in local supermarkets and natural health food stores and will cut the cost of your beauty regime.

With pollution and "hot" news items, such as plastic surgery at a peak, it is easy to see that postponing the aging process of skin requires attention. Reaching into studies of ancient cultures, remedies and methods to enhance natural beauty is the smart alternative to radical worldly methods. A riveting work of investigative journalism that charts the rise of the dietary supplement craze and reveals the dangerous--and sometimes deadly--side of these highly popular and completely unregulated products.

Over 60 percent of Americans buy and take herbal and dietary supplements for all sorts of reasons--to prevent illness vitamin C , to ease depression St. John's wort , to aid weight loss ephedra , to boost the memory ginkgo biloba , and even to cure cancer shark cartilage, bloodroot --despite the fact that few of these "natural" supplements have been proven to be safe or effective.

And while the media has been quick to sensationalize the benefits of supplements, few have taken a hard look at the dangers posed by many of the remedies flooding the market today. Award-winning journalist Dan Hurley breaks the silence for the first time in Natural Causes.

From the snake-oil salesmen of the early twentieth century, to rise of the health food movement in the sixties and seventies, Hurley charts the remarkable growth of an industry built largely on fraud, and reveals the backroom politics that led to the passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of , which effectively freed the industry from FDA oversight. In unprecedented detail, he shows how supplement manufacturers have concealed the truth about dozens of untested treatments and the shocking rise in deaths, disfigurements, and life-threatening injuries caused by products deceptively promoted as "safe and natural.

As Hurley shows, the dietary supplement craze may be one of the greatest swindles ever perpetrated on the American public--one that feeds billions of dollars each year into the pockets of lobbyists, politicians, and any charlatan who wants to slap a label on a bottle and tout it as the next big "natural cure. Vitamin C is the first book to cover the history, chemistry, biochemistry, and medical importance of vitamin C and is the first to provide an in-depth, interdisciplinary study of this essential and fascinating compound.