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The Peacemakers is the gripping story of India s quest for human rights in the years leading up to its independence from Great Britain, and more than a decade after.

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Gandhi, Nehru, his visionary sister Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit and Hansa Mehta all strove to bridge the ideological differences between the East and the West, between capitalist and communist, to forge a common destiny for mankind that would be free of empire, poverty, exploitation and war. They called their solution One World where state power would be checked and the freedom of individuals and groups expanded.

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Based on seven years of research, this is the first truly international history of newly independent India. Iconic figures take on new shades of character as they race against time to stop destruction and war and challenge all of us to imagine a better future. As we contemplate this moment of violent insanity on every continent, alternative paths toward peace in a world united for justice are herein profoundly illuminated"--Blanche Wiesen Cook, author of Eleanor Roosevelt , vols Convert currency.

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Seller Inventory P More information about this seller Contact this seller. Manu Bhagavan: I set out to write a history of the ideas and ideologies that went into the making of India's constitution. As I began to read through relevant material, I was struck by a pervasive strand of internationalism I found running through discussions and debates. The term "One World" kept popping up, but I had no idea what it meant. The deeper I searched, the more I realized that I had stumbled upon a key, defining feature of both the anti-colonial movement and the postcolonial state's official policy.

The idea of India and the creation of a new international community were linked, ideals embedded in the Indian constitution tied to international norms approved in the UN. Manu Bhagavan: I think the dream of a better world is always relevant. India has achieved much since independence, but it has also fallen short in several areas, and we have a long way to go. Broadly speaking, I think efforts to improve global governance, and the institutional infrastructure of the UN, are crucial today. India needs to think long and hard about the kind of world it wants, and in turn needs to create a coherent strategy to achieve it.

Q: Do you think foreign policy expertise lacks in political class in India, except of course barring a few? Manu Bhagavan: I think India has for quite a long time been focused inward, on local concerns and regional issues.

The Peacemakers

Its engagement with the world has been changing dramatically over the last several years. While I think we have many outstanding people in the foreign service, as you rightly suggest, we are yet to realise that the domestic cannot be separated from the international. Manu Bhagavan: She was central. She helped champion the cause from through her brother's death and beyond.

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  6. When he gave in to despair in , she continued to carry the torch. It is little remembered today, but she was beloved the world over, considered one of the world's most beautiful and intelligent women.

    Her ability to charm and bring people together was manifested most clearly in her election as the first woman President of the UN General Assembly, which she won on secret ballot in the middle of the Cold War with support from the United States, the Commonwealth, and the Soviet delegations. Q: Your book makes a smooth read about a subject which usually needs a lot of understanding, with your knowledge, what would be your suggestions to make education on such subjects simpler?

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    Manu Bhagavan: Thank you. I'm glad you found the book easy to read. I think the burden is on educators, writers, and intellectuals. With every sentence I wrote in this book, I asked myself if an interested, general reader would understand what I was talking about, and, if not, then I had to explain it better. Of course, I was helped by the fact that the story I had to tell here was an exciting one.

    I think the key is to be passionate about the subject. If we who tell the story have fire in our belly, if our eyes light up when we talk about our work, if we speak with conviction, then this will come across in our writing as well. I have tried to do that here, though how successful I have been must ultimately be judged by the readers.

    Manu Bhagavan: I think India is poised to play a central role in the world. But it is yet to define for itself what kind of role it wants to play, and what kind of world it wants. I think there is little doubt that India will be one of the top economies in the world, and that it will be militarily powerful compared to most. But if millions of its own people are starving or suffering as a result, what good is that?

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    Or if millions elsewhere are suffering as result?