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You have searched for packages that names contain flex in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. It is extremely fast an capable. Preliminary experiments indicated, that compiling a program which consists of 1,, simple clauses with two arguments of different types an integer and an atom , takes about The source file, which contains the clauses is 29MB long. After loading the file, the inference engine occupies MB of memory.

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Issuing a simple goal using an integer type argument, and finding the first satisfying result takes about 0. Subsequent goals, specified on the same clause, take unnoticeable amount of time below 0.

Issuing a similar goal on an atom type argument, takes 0. Compiling the same input file with GNUProlog was not even possible.

flex-old - Old version of the fast lexical analyzer generator

Relaxing the problem to the size of 20, clauses kB of data takes The same operation, for SWI-Prolog, takes 0. Nothing has changed in the C language over the last 20 years which would affect either of the above statements.

All of the above is contingent on the programmer having some understanding of how to use the tool and for which problems it is and is not appropriate. As with any toolset. Learn more. First 10 Free. Flex - A fast scanner generator.

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Flex - a scanner generator

I wonder, why is Flex used even till now as far as I know? This is what I read about Flex It takes as its input a text file containing regular expressions, together with the action to be taken when each expression is matched.

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