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Marine plankton diatoms of the west coast of North America. Bull Scripps Inst Oceanogr. Mar Ecol. Feeding behavior and general ecology of several spionid polychaetes from the Chesapeake Bay. J Exp Mar Biol Ecol.

Do deposit-feeders compete? Isotopic niche analysis of an invasion in a species-poor system

Effect of sand movement on the growth of benthic diatoms. Dexter DM. Community structure of intertidal sandy beaches in New South Wales, Australia. Sandy beaches as ecosystems. The Hague: Spinger; Gaston GR. Benthic polychaeta of the Middle Atlantic Bight: feeding and distribution.

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Mar Ecol Prog Ser. The diversity of diets in Syllidae Annelida: Polychaeta. Cah Mar Biol. Feeding strategies of deep-sea sub-Arctic macrofauna of the Faroe-Shetland Channel: combining natural stable isotopes and enrichment techniques. Deep-Sea Res I. Stable isotopes as trophic tracers: combining field sampling and manipulative labeling of food resources for macrobenthos. Fauchald K. The second annual riser lecture: eclecticism and the study of polychaetes. Proc Biol Soc Wash. Fauchald K, Jumars PA. The diet of worms: a study of polychaete feeding guilds.

Oceanogr Mar Biol Ann Rev. Diet of worms emended: an update of polychaete feeding guilds. Ann Rev Mar Sci. Dietary contribution of the microphytobenthos to infaunal deposit feeders in an estuarine mudflat in Japan. Mar Biol. Koh BS, Bhaud M. Description of Owenia gosmoni n. Oweniidae, Annelida, Polychaete from the Yellow Sea and evidence that Owenia fusiformis is not a cosmopolitan species.

Vie et Milieu. Krebs CJ. Ecological methodology.

Ecology of marine deposit feeders / G. Lopez, G. Taghon, J. Levinton, eds

Carrion-feeding on the sediment surface nocturnal low tides by the polychaete Phyllodoce mucosa. Identifying trophic relationships within the high Arctic benthic community: how much can fatty acids tell? Rapid subduction of organic matter by maldanid polychaetes on the North Carolina slope. J Mar Res. Levins R. Evolution in changing environments: one theoretical explanations. New Jersey: Princeton Unicersity Press; Predation on foraminifera by the polycahete worm, Diopatra. J Foraminifer Res.

Ecology of deposit-feeding animals in marine sediments. Q Rev Biol. Structural and functional approaches to describe polychaete assemblages: ecological implications for estuarine ecosystems. Mar Freshw Res.

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Organic coatings and ontogenetic particle selection in Streblospio benedeictii Webster Spionida: Polychaeta. Use of benthic vs planktonic organic matter by sandy-beach organisms: a food tracing experiment with 13C labeled diatoms. McDermott JJ. Food web in the surf zone of an exposed sandy beach along the Mid-Atlantic coast of the United States.

The ecology of sandy beaches.

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Massachusetts: Academic Press; Role in sediment stability and shallow-water food webs. The effects of sediment transport and deposition of infauna: results obtained in a specially designed flume. Ecology of marine deposit feeders. New Jersey: Springer; Changes in the feeding behavior of the deposit-feeding polychaete Laeonereis acuta on soft sediments inhabited by burrowing crabs.

Feeding behavior of Scolelepis sp. Polychaeta: Spionidae. Braz J Oceanogr. Foraging and mobility in three species of Aciculata Annelida: Polychaeta. Braz J Biol. Pearson TH, Rosenberg R.

What are benthic invertebrates?

Macrobenthic sucession in relation to organic enrichment and pollution of the marine environment. Gut architecture, digestive constraints and feeding ecology of deposit-feeding and carnivorous polychaetes. Pleijel F.

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On feeding of Pholoe minuta Fabricius Polychaeta: Sigalionidae. Diversity, distribution, and zoogeography of benthic polychaetes in the Gulf of Mexico. Mar Biodiv. New axes resource for deposit-feeders? Cross-phyletic patterns of particle selection by deposit-feeders. Smith DL. A guide to marine coastal plankton and marine invertebrate larvae.

Taghon GL. Optimal foraging by deposit-feeding invertebrates: roles of particle size and organic coating. Tenore KR. Detritral utilization by the polychaete Capitella capitata. Paris: Centre national de la recherche scientifique; Weston DP.