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Jacobus pitied all those in the audience who had the gift of sight, because they would shortly be bearing witness to what he easily predicted would be a musical revolt by the orchestra. Jacobus had long ago come to the conclusion that great conductors and lousy conductors had much more in common than great conductors and good conductors.

A good conductor has enough sense to basically let the orchestra play on its own, guiding it along a path without imposing his will upon it. Both the great conductor and the lousy conductor try to control all the details. The difference is that the great conductor knows how to do it; the lousy one thinks he knows. For five years, Yumi had been the second violinist of the world-renowned New Magini String Quartet, a source of secret pride for Jacobus. What dismayed him was that even though the quartet still played magnificently, it had essentially become dysfunctional.

None of the members spoke to each other outside rehearsals, and when they were at work there was constant tension. And then there was the lawsuit. The former second violinist, Crispin Short, whom Yumi had replaced in the New Magini String Quartet, had ongoing litigation against them, claiming that he had been illegally fired, had been deprived of his livelihood, and had had his reputation publicly smeared, making it impossible for him to make a living. The kind of public airing of dirty laundry that occurred between Short and the quartet was almost unprecedented in the classical music world, and while it might have made for juicy reading, it had forced colleagues and media throughout the profession to choose sides.

Right now, they seemed to be lining up behind Short. The beehive network of artistic and professional relationships, so complex, so constantly changing, and so based on lofty but easily bruised egos, was usually enough to keep even the worst musicians insulated from public attack by colleagues. Larry Martino, chair of the string department, might have sexually assaulted his student, but then next month, just before your tenure hearing, you might have to play string quartets with him.

June | | GERALD ELIAS – Author and Musician

That most revered violin pedagogue of the twentieth century. And for Jacobus, the memory lingered on, etched indelibly in his being. Unpredictably flooded with memories of his brief tenure with the Boston Symphony long ago, cut short by the devastating onset of his sudden blindness on the very day he won the concertmaster audition, Jacobus momentarily forgot the cold. If not for that freak medical chance, he thought, if not for that I might still be playing there on stage instead of dying of pneumonia out here.

It backfired in a way he could have predicted had his ego not blinded him. In a countermaneuver, Kortovsky officially changed the name of the quartet from the original Magini String Quartet to the New Magini String Quartet and reapplied for nonprofit corporation status. He claimed that since there was only one member of the original all-Russian ensemble left, cellist Pravda Lenskaya, the name of the quartet should reflect the change.

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The four musicians were now on the brink of seeing their bank accounts, homes, even instruments go up in smoke if Short was successful in his litigation. It would be almost impossible to explain to a nonmusician what the loss of a beloved instrument means. Jacobus imagined the judge doing a Solomon act and sawing a violin in half in order to be fair.

And now the expectation was that the judge would be making a ruling within weeks.

Danse Macabre

This is the second book featu When acclaimed violinist Rene Allard is murdered on the way home from his farewell concert, police have no trouble picking up his one-time protege, African American BTower, who was observed standing over Allard's body with bloodied hands. This is the second book featuring the crochety, stubborn Jacobus. A delight for classical music lovers. Jul 26, Chrissy rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery-thriller. I loved the mixing of the classical music and mystery worlds yet again in Danse Macabre! It was a wonderful page-turner, and it had a great structure.

The story was also full of twists and turns, but I appreciated that Jacobus would often recap important events to help keep things on track. There were several times that I was glad to be a musician because I think that helped me to understand the mystery a bit better, but I also think that Elias did a wonderful job describing the important musical I loved the mixing of the classical music and mystery worlds yet again in Danse Macabre! There were several times that I was glad to be a musician because I think that helped me to understand the mystery a bit better, but I also think that Elias did a wonderful job describing the important musical terms so that anyone could understand his writing.

Feb 29, Carlos rated it liked it Shelves: fiction , adventure-thriller. This book was a delightful mix of the mystery book genre and the classical music scene. Great musician writes a great mystery If you love music and love mysteries, then stop what you are doing right now and go out and get this book. A great yarn with interesting characters and fascinating glimpses into the professional music world.

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Gerald Elias know his subject music, violin as a professional musician retired from the Utah Symphony. He even throws in an entertaining scene in a Salt Lake City bar. Read this book Mar 17, Tom rated it it was amazing. As one who still is a classical musician at heart, I really enjoyed this and the music history that I didn't get in class. Have not read Murder Mystery per se in years. I now have the other three Gerald Elias books on order at the library.

A good story I recommend it, particularly to my friends with classical music in their blood! May 10, Joanne rated it really liked it. Second in the series.

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So much about classical music in it - makes me want to study more about music. Would probably give it a 3. Heard the author on NPR a few weeks ago.


Interesting comments about the conflict between those who are purists re: classical music and those who try to make it more accessible. May 06, Ruth rated it liked it. Jacobus was not quite as vile and crude as he was in "The Devil's Trill" and the writing has definitely improved.

However, there are some sexual descriptions and still the use of the f word, although lessened which still lead me to rate it between 3 and 4 stars. View 1 comment. Sep 23, Kate rated it it was amazing. I had read this book previously but it proved to be worth a second reading.

May 02, Rebecca McKinnon rated it really liked it. Again, I enjoyed the author's insight into the music world. Can I just say, I love the crusty-on-the-outside protagonist. There are a lot of music teachers and musicians in general just like him. Some of them are on my list of favorite people Jan 14, Jean rated it it was amazing.

My music and former violinist background made me interested in this book. Fast paced mystery. Caught my interest from the first chapter. Aug 19, Sally rated it really liked it. This musician can compose some really good mysteries. There were a few improbably spots, but he kept the action moving, with a good plot and surprising characters.

Danse Macabre: A Daniel Jacobus Mystery

Aug 30, Caryatid rated it did not like it. What on earth is a maroon wall to wall runner in a hallway? Not a runner but a carpet. And since when are gears ever made of lead? Jun 27, Elizabeth rated it really liked it. This was a very engrossing tale that made me wish I understood classical music at some level and which I could appreciate it more. Sep 03, Michelle Bettencourt rated it liked it. Only worth reading if you have a deep appreciation for music. The characters are not very well developed, and the plot is pretty predictable.

Jan 05, Mary rated it really liked it. An enjoyable book with unusual characters. For me, the old story of the dwarf and the violin added intrigue to the mystery. Jun 11, Cara rated it liked it. Pretty good mystery. Too much profanity. Oct 13, Linda rated it really liked it Shelves: new-york , mystery.