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Similarly, they might assist college professors with finding and using resources for their classroom, or for their own research projects. The day-to-day duties of a school librarian include maintaining collections, organizing materials, and developing index databases. Depending largely on the size of the library, a school librarian might be responsible for managing the entire library, or just one aspect of the library, such as technical services.

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School librarians should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, advanced computer skills, reading skills, and the ability to solve problems. Common tasks for school librarians include assisting patrons in learning how to use information retrieval systems, providing suggestions on books and information sources relevant to patron inquiries, and maintaining collections.

School librarians may also be responsible for the acquisition of new materials for library collections.

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  • With experience, school librarians may also become responsible for supervising junior librarians, clerks, and others within the library. School librarians should be prepared to continue training and developing their skills in the information sciences throughout their careers, as information requirements in the Internet age are always evolving.

    Additionally, in most states, K public school librarians must obtain state licensure; this typically requires an appropriate degree plus a passing score on the Praxis Library Media Specialist test. The typical path towards a public school librarian career is as follows:. The School Library Connection provides links to current state-by-state requirements for school librarians on its website.

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    Many school librarians also join associations such as the ALA as well as specialty and regional library science associations. Many school librarians begin accumulating career experience by volunteering at local libraries while pursuing an education in library science.

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    Advancement opportunities for school librarians are available to assistant director and library director, where salaries are commensurate with experience and the added responsibilities these positions entail. In large library systems, school librarians may alternately advance to specialist positions such as conservator. Well-developed organizational skills, excellent communication and presentation skills, and sound problem-solving skills are important for prospective school librarians. Specialization in one area complimented by a demonstrable skill set in the information sciences can give school librarian candidates an edge in the job market.

    Career Skills Library: Problem Solving, Third Edition

    This learning curve is modified to describe problem solution times, incorporating forgetting effects and treating both general skill and specific skills related to a particular problem. The resulting model is explored in a simulation of a serial flow shop subject to a range of interruptions. The efficiency of the flow shop is characterized by its run-ratio and the effects of eight key variables on the run-ratio are tested through simulation.

    The results show that the run-ratio generally increases as operators learn more rapidly and forget more slowly, and decreases as the number of problem types increase. The effect of job rotation schemes, however implemented, is always to reduce the run-ratio.

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    It is shown that this occurs because the effect of job rotation is to avoid any possible advantage in specialization related to problems which do not occur uniformly at all workstations. International Journal of Production Research. Advanced Search. Privacy Copyright. Skip to main content.

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