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Connor, who has lived with his adopted son John for years with the belief that he is the final Immortal, must return to New York and finish the job he started back in Along the way, he finds a new love, Dr. Alex Johnson Deborah Unger. The movie was a box office bomb. Critics claim that it was little more than a carbon copy of the first film. Highlander: Endgame , released on September 1, , was an attempt to merge characters from both the original film and from the Highlander TV series.

Kell, who holds a centuries-old grudge against the elder Connor MacLeod, has slain Connor's dearest loved ones, and he does not follow the traditions of single combat. Connor has spent a decade trying to escape the Game in a hidden Watcher fortress known as the Sanctuary, but he and Duncan are forced to confront this new threat that neither one of them alone can succeed against.

As the two MacLeods will not break the single-combat tradition, Connor convinces Duncan to decapitate him, thus gaining the power that he needs to defeat Kell.

Critical reaction to Highlander: Endgame was negative. The film opened at No. However, it was a commercial hit when it was released on DVD. This prompted the producers to release the director's cut version of the film, whose reception was far better than the theatrical in that new and edited footage was added, along with better special effects and audio tracks.

Highlander: The Search for Vengeance was an anime tie-in to the Highlander franchise. Released on June 5, , the film featured a new MacLeod character, Colin, who became immortal after his death in Roman Britain , and follows his quest for revenge through the centuries against Marcus, an immortal Roman general, who repeatedly tries to conquer the world in order to instill a utopian society.

Highlander: The Source is the fifth installment of the Highlander film series, which premiered on the Sci Fi Channel on September 15, On May 20, , The Hollywood Reporter announced that Summit Entertainment was planning a remake of the original film. The script would be penned by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. Peter Davis would produce the new film. In March , producer Neal H. Moritz stated in an interview that "We're staying true to the mythologies as a whole of the Highlander series.

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Now there are certain things between all the different Highlanders that conflict with each other, but we're trying to stay true to the core of what we believe Highlander is, and it's a movie that's going to be made for the fans of Highlander , but also for people who are new to the franchise. On February 9, , it was announced that Twilight series writer Melissa Rosenberg was "in negotiations to come on board the Highlander reboot to work on that script. In an interview with MTV in May , Justin Lin commented on the film, saying "I feel like right now, Highlander is in pretty good shape, but I still have to see all the other things come together for us to go make it.

Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo later signed on to direct the remake, replacing Lin. On June 28, , it was announced that Highlander: The Series writer and executive producer David Abramowitz would polish the film's script. Condal is writing the script. In , a television spin-off was developed, entitled Highlander: The Series. It was shown in syndication from October 3, to May 16, The series was an offshoot of the feature film but with one major difference: Immortals still exist post Adrian Paul starred as Duncan MacLeod , another immortal from the same clan.

The series had high ratings internationally. However, the ratings fell during the show's sixth season, which ended its six-year run in The minute special was a low-budget project 10 years after the series or between the fourth and fifth movies. Filming took place at producer Peter Davis's beach home with the actors volunteering in their roles. The plot involved the characters discussing Methos' plans to get married and settle down with a mortal woman and her son.

The television series had its own spin-off after using its sixth year as a casting call. It lasted one season due to low ratings and the change in the marketing of syndicated shows. A animated movie, Highlander: The Adventure Begins [30] was a straight to video release that sets up the backstory for the animated series. Some episodes of the series were edited into the feature-length film. A number of Highlander Novels were released, including a novelization of the first film by Garry Kilworth and a line of books based on the television series by various authors. Non-fiction Highlander books include The Best of Highlander: The Book by Maureen Russell and Fearful Symmetry: The Essential Guide to All Things Highlander [32] —a guide to the Highlander franchise, with explorations of the movies and series, interviews with many of the key players in front and behind the camera.

The Highlander comic book series from Dynamite Entertainment , featuring the creative team of Brandon Jerwa , Michael Avon Oeming Red Sonja and artist Lee Moder, are also set around the universe of the television series. Big Finish Productions had the licence to produce Highlander audio dramas. The format like many of their other ranges is one actor reading the script with another playing one other important part.

The stories are set after Highlander: Endgame. The second four audios are each based around one of the Four Horsemen.

Highlander: The Original Scores , an album featuring music from the first three films, was released in A Highlander massively multiplayer online role-playing game video game was originally announced by Kalisto Entertainment , [34] but following the developer's closure, rights to the Highlander video game franchise went to SCi Entertainment in The only known remains of the development are trailers showing the game title as 'Highlander The Gathering'. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the first film in the series, see Highlander film. For other uses, see Highlander disambiguation. Main article: Highlander: The Series.

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Main article: Highlander: The Raven. Students will have access to a compact lighting and mini mic kit for use on their productions.

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Students are required to purchase their own portable hard drive to use during the editing process. NOTE: Freshmen may not enroll. Hollywood in your palm. That is what this combination of lectures, screenings, demonstrations and practical production workshops will offer to the students in this course.

In addition to the historical and critical overview of the emergence and exponential growth of global cell phone cinema, students will shoot all footage on cell phones and download them for computerized editing. The final project will be under three minute shorts. Projects will include all genres of film and television: news, mini-documentaries, animation, music videos and narrative shorts.

Social Network & Education for Film, TV and Theater Creative

Completed student projects will be suitable to be posted on the Internet and entered into domestic and international mobile phone film festivals. It is suggested but not compulsory that students bring to the class a cell phone capable of recording video. This course will combine a history of video art and experimental film with practical training in the use of live video performance art technology.

Students will explore new ways to create and edit films and videos using VJ software, projections, and multi-channel video surfaces. Workshops will demonstrate concepts and software that can be integrated into the creative process of video performance art and video art installations.

Making Webisodes is an intensive 14 week course which combines lectures and workshops in which students create unique and compelling content for the web and then learn how to post that content on the web. Students will explore the basics of film production and online webisode distribution, working with - concept creation - writing - directing - acting - production design - camerawork - sound - editing - online tracking tools and social media - web monetization and advertising.

The webisode is an exploding new art form. Web series, embedded ads, 5 second hooks, snapchats, vines and viral videos all present a variety of new media approaches within the entertainment industry, business, lifestyle, and politics. Webisodes are short visual presentations that either entertain us, directly sell us product, indirectly sell us product, or shock and engage our perspective, as in political propaganda videos.

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Workshops then employ practical exercises to help the students conceive and create their own unique webisode, which can be narrative or non-narrative, fiction or non-fiction, experimental or satire, personal or political. The goal is to use the resources at hand and create instant media — webisodes. As the students produce their webisodes, they will learn by doing and they will be provided with practical knowledge of the art, craft, and commerce of webisodes.

One video can be worth a thousand backers in the digital age. Successful videos have raised millions of dollars for projects on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. This type of online fundraising is a whole new way for individuals to raise money. It is venture capital with no strings attached — direct donations not just to a philanthropic cause, but to business ventures as well. By donating online, people are sharing in the creation of marketable ideas and projects. Online crowdfunding is changing the shape of business innovation - and this class will explore all the techniques used to create a successful crowdfunding video that can capture interest and generate financial backers.

Crowdfunding Video Production is an intensive course combining lectures and creative workshops to explore online fundraising for inventions, business ideas, artistic projects, social activism, scientific research, and community projects. Lectures provide students with an overview of the Crowdfunding industry and basic filmmaking, while practical workshops help the students conceive and create their own Crowdfunding Video.

Students with existing personal projects can choose to post their videos on an actual crowdfunding campaign website - like Kickstarter. Students who do not have an existing project will create a mock campaign on a practice site, in order to produce a practice Crowdfunding Video.

2018 Award-Winning Filmmakers in the spotlight

Students learn filmmaking techniques in class and then go on to shoot outside class, designing a simple attainable production. As the students produce their Crowdfunding Video, they learn by doing. The goal is to provide practical knowledge of the art, craft, and commerce of Crowdfunding Videos - concentrating on how their media presentations hook the audience and sell the project.

Students will learn the business vocabulary of advertising and marketing - while they also conceive, create, produce, and direct their own Crowdfunding Video or practice Crowdfunding Video.

Geniuses in Entertainment

A wide variety of Camera Exercises are assigned to train the students to shoot movies with natural light and limited prosumer camera gear. All camera exercises are then screened and reviewed in class.

Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw More Spongebob Characters From Memory

Students analyze and discuss their own work and are assigned reshoots and pick-up shooting assignments to reinforce their in-class learning. This course emphasizes the content, the aesthetics, and the purpose of cinema as a truly distinctive and dynamic art form uncovering the inner vision of the filmmaker, and the organic and transformative process where filmmakers projects their original truth, not compromising or borrowing ideas and themes from other films.

Students explore the use of technology as a valuable tool that enhances the vision of the filmmaker without diminishing the organic texture of the work by its overwhelming presence.